Updated 28 May 2022, from Sydney.

CSESoc Projects Trainee Lead

Together with a hackathon mate, mentoring four trainees in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React this term. Excited to improve my teaching skills and give back!

Preparing for my internship

Once I get everything together after the start of term, diving into a project to create a REST API for Apple HealthKit. This’ll involve Go, databases, Swift and React, pushing my comfort zone on the back-end side of things. My development so far has leaned towards front-end, so I want to gain more experience in the back.

Back to in-person

Going back to in-person uni this term for the first time since Term 1 2020!


I feel immensely grateful to be in a position where I can really challenge myself this year and build new things, compared to the last two years. I’m going to make the most of it by seeking out new opportunities, saying yes to everything and seeing where it goes.

Exploring new places in Sydney

I’m still trying to work out my academic-work-life balance. One thing I don’t want to give up is exploring new places in Sydney. Here’s to (trying to) doing more of that this term!